The Criminal Process, 1st Edition, by Thomas O'Malley

Author: Thomas O'Malley
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 31/12/2009
ISBN: 9781858004624
Jurisdiction: Ireland

The Criminal Process examines the current law on central issues arising before, during, and after the criminal trial. It provides you with a clear explanation of the main legal and policy issues connected with the investigation and prosecution of crime, the trial process itself, the post-conviction remedies and related matters.

This title informs practitioners on all aspects of Criminal Process, and includes the relevant provisions of the Criminal Justice Acts 2006-2007 and the new Guidelines for Prosecutors. It also examines the emerging law on issues like bail, delay, the duty to preserve evidence and the role of judicial review in the criminal process. It focuses on the key issues that have occupied the courts in recent years such as pre-trial remedies, delay, adverse publicity, and the duty to preserve evidence.

While principally focusing on Irish and European law, The Criminal Process has a strong comparative dimension and it draws extensively on British, American and Commonwealth materials.

About the Author

Thomas O'Malley is a practising barrister and a Senior Lecturer in Law at NUI Galway.