Damages, 2nd Edition, by Tadhg Dorgan and Peter McKenna

Author: Tadhg Dorgan
Author: Peter McKenna
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 13/05/2021
ISBN: 9780414080539
Jurisdiction: Ireland, United Kingdom

The second edition of Damages is designed as a reference work for practitioners who deal with day-to-day litigation and advisory work. It is written to assist lawyers on discreet issues on quantum and recent practice with the calculation of damages, together with academic commentary.

The law of damages is a fast-paced and constantly changing area that straddles all aspects of the law. The first edition of this title was the first Irish publication on the issue of damages generally, and the new edition consolidates its success with fully updated chapters on substantive areas, taking account of the present law recognising the inherent justice in applying the principles of proportionality to awards following the judgement in Morrissey v HSE.

The book includes commentary on possible litigation arising out of the Covid 19 pandemic; a consideration of federal actions in the United States against laboratories arising from the misreading of cervical smear tests, together with helpful appendices on samples of damages awarded in Ireland; and the recently approved judicial guidelines for the award of personal injury general damages.

Key Features

  • Up-to-date reference including all important case law and legislation on the issue of damages
  • Provides guidance on the mitigation of losses and contributory damages
  • Includes in-depth analysis of Russell v HSE [2014] (Unreported, Cross J.) and the implications for damages in general, and practitioners in particular.


Introduction; Damages other than ordinary damages; General Principles limiting exposure I; General Principles limiting exposure II; PI, Bullying and Harassment and Psychiatric Damage; Professional negligence; Wrongs to the person and misfeasance; Defamation; Torts affecting land and goods; Misrepresentation and Economic Torts; Contract; Statutory and regulatory damages; Practice and procedure

About the Authors

Tadhg Dorgan BCL (NUI) Barrister-at-Law of Kings Inns Dublin, the Inns of Court of Northern Ireland, and the Middle Temple, London.

Peter McKenna BA (Dub) M.Phil (Cantab) Barrister-at-Law.