Damages - 1st Edition, by Tadhg Dorgan and Peter McKenna

Author: Tadhg Dorgan
Author: Peter McKenna
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 31/07/2015
ISBN: 9780414050853
Jurisdiction: Ireland, United Kingdom

This new title covers the issue of damages in Irish law in extensive detail, and is the only modern text to do so. The detailed analysis and wide range of sources cited in the text will make this an accessible yet extremely useful resource. It provides essential assistance to counsel and solicitors in providing advice on quantum, and in advising clients on the likely success of a particular action. Damages aims to provide practitioners with a thorough reference to approaching and quantifying the issue of quantum. As well as providing commentary on general principles of approaching quantum such as contributory negligence, the book also deals with substantive areas, including: Personal injuries; Contract; Statutory damages; Misfeasance; Bullying and Harassment; Psychiatric Injury; Defamation; and Economic torts.

It also provides commentary on practical and procedural aspects of damages law, including: The rules of the Superior Courts; relevant legislation; and practice directions.

Key Features

  • Up-to-date reference including all important case law and legislation on the issue of damages
  • Provides guidance on the mitigation of losses and contributory damages
  • Includes in-depth analysis of Russell v HSE [2014] (Unreported, Cross J.) and the implications for damages in general, and practitioners in particular.


Introduction; Damages other than ordinary damages; General Principles limiting exposure I; General Principles limiting exposure II; PI, Bullying and Harassment and Psychiatric Damage; Professional negligence; Wrongs to the person and misfeasance; Defamation; Torts affecting land and goods; Misrepresentation and Economic Torts; Contract; Statutory and regulatory damages; Practice and procedure

About the Authors

Tadhg Dorgan BCL (NUI) Barrister-at-Law of Kings Inns Dublin, the Inns of Court of Northern Ireland, and the Middle Temple, London.

Peter McKenna BA (Dub) M.Phil (Cantab) Barrister-at-Law.