Easements - 3rd Edition, by Peter Bland

Author: Peter Bland
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: December 2015
ISBN: 9780414050648
Jurisdiction: Ireland

The third edition of Easements provides a comprehensive and definitive analysis of this notoriously complex area of law. The book includes new case law and legislation since the previous edition and the scheme of the book has been completely revised and reordered.

"This book contains some of the most varied and interesting research in any Irish legal textbook...the last major gap in the library on land law has been filled."
Professor JMG Sweeney, Law Society Gazette

  • Provides students with a succinct analysis of Irish contract law
  • Explains the law in the context of important recent developments in other common law jurisdictions
  • Includes important new material in most chapters, especially on formation via offer and acceptance, consideration, misrepresentation, restraint of trade, and damages, especially penalty clauses and liquidated damages
  • Features of an important treatment of contract damages by Irish Judges

New to this Edition

  • This edition features the amendment of the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009, in an attempt to postpone the application of the new model of prescription
  • It explains the procedure for registration of prescriptive easements and profits introduced by section 49A of the Registration of Title Act 1964
  • A new chapter has been added on registration
  • There is a focus on the expanding area of utility way-leaves
  • Incorporates new cases since the previous edition in 2009, for example the Supreme Court decision in Walsh v. Sligo County Council

About the Author

Peter Bland is a senior counsel who specialises in real property.